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Nesta Marshall

Supervised Fieldwork Advisor; Course Instructor

Academic Interests

Inquiry and reflective processes in teacher development, Neuro-developmental educational planning, Non-verbal language disabilities in higher education settings, The brain and learning

Some of the Values that Shape My Work

I am often reminded that teaching is not a solo enterprise; it’s a journey with different travellers all headed toward the same destination. To that end, I am interested in helping teachers to understand the value of collaboration—working with colleagues and families to construct the best learning experiences for their students. I am also committed to keeping constructivism vibrant in traditionally-driven settings and am aware of the need to view lessons through the prisms of cultural and socio-economic differences, among other things. Another interest of mine is helping teachers to become keener observers of children’s behaviors. Equipping teachers with the tools to analyze and address these behaviors is fundamental to their role in the classroom and beyond. In light of these things, I am excited about learning from my students and serving as a guide on their journey as educators.

Work with Families, Children, Schools, and Communities

Work with children in private and public schools (including under-resourced, low-performing settings); work as a facilitator of school-based cohort meetings and professional development workshops; work as a writing coach for graduate students.

Recent Professional Contributions

  • Conducted workshops for teachers, school personnel, and parents
  • Facilitated Child Study Team observations and analyses of focus students’ learning behaviors; brainstormed strategies to enhance and improve the students’ strengths and challenges respectively

Educational Background

  • M.S.Ed., Childhood Special and General Education, Bank Street College of Education
  • B.S., Biology/ Preprofessional, Pace University

Contact me:

(212) 875-4559
610 West 112Th Street,
New York, NY 10025