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President's Office Special Announcements


Dear Members of the Bank Street College Community,

Elizabeth Dickey has informed the Board of Trustees of her decision to retire at the end of the summer, 2014.   Among other things, Elizabeth wants to spend more time with her family in Litchfield, and she expects to return to a book project on mid-life transitions that was underway prior to her arrival at Bank Street.

It is bittersweet for us to write this note to the community as we are both excited for Elizabeth as she enters her next phase of life and will miss her exemplary leadership after her departure.  We are very grateful to her for her service to the College over the past five years and look forward to a continued, busy, productive period of time prior to her departure.  Elizabeth will issue her own letter to the Community later today.

As is Bank Street’s custom, we are composing a presidential Search Committee. Yolanda Ferrell Brown, Chair-Elect of the Board, will lead the search process.  Launching formally in early September, the process will be guided by a search firm and we are in the early days of resolving this detail.

As Elizabeth has told the Trustees, there are several very pressing and very strategic questions facing Bank Street which require a long-term planning and attention.  Most notably we need to resolve our Centennial Campaign plans, and the Facilities Master Plan. These initiatives (and others), will take several years to resolve and implement.  We will no doubt continue to make progress on these matters, but some of the details will await the arrival of a new president. 

We look forward to working with Elizabeth and you in this year of transition.


Tony Asnes, Chair of the Board of Trustees
Yolanda Ferrell-Brown, Chair Elect of the Board of Trustees