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May 09

BSCAA Program 21st Century Multiculturalism: Religion and Diversity Education

Event Description

On May 9th, Join BSCAA at Bank Street in the CDR from 6:00-8:00 PM for a prsentation by the Tanenbaum Center on 21st Century Multiculturalism.


The Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding is a secular, non-sectarian organization committed to the vision that people of all belief systems can live, learn and work together in a spirit of respect. Tanenbaum’s Education program focuses on guiding educators in the creation of inclusive classroom environments where they can address religion, and other social identifiers, in a manner both relevant to their students and appropriate for their particular school setting. Tanenbaum accomplishes this through trainings, workshops, courses and curricula, all of which is informed by their pedagogy, The Seven Principles for Inclusive Education.

Since its inception in the United States, the multicultural education movement has been associated with race and ethnicity, but often excludes religion. When religion is addressed, generalizations and stereotypes hinder the exploration of the impact of religion and religious identity on the deeper aspects of present-day practices and all subject matter. Further, national expressions of intolerance serve as a call to action for educators to build communities of respect and curiosity. Tanenbaum presenters will introduce attendees to their work through discussion, hands-on activities and small group work.

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