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Jan 12

Make a Friend! / Be a Friend! Stuart J. Murphy’s “I See I Learn” Story Hour Special

Event Description

Join us for a very special story hour with visual learning expert and author Stuart J. Murphy (MathStart series) as he reads books from his new series I See I Learn.

The I See I Learn stories follow the adventures of the children in Miss Cathy’s class at Ready Set Pre-K, in See-and-Learn City. Each focuses on a specific skill such as making a friend, developing self-confidence, dealing with frustration, dealing with bullies and working together in groups.

Visual learning strategies play a key role in the storytelling and teaching. Long before children can read—or even speak many words—they are able to assimilate visual information with ease. By the time they reach pre-kindergarten, they are accomplished visual learners.

I See I Learn books build on this natural talent, using inset pictures, diagrams and highlighted words to help reinforce lessons conveyed through simple stories.

For happier, healthier, more confident children! I See I Learn!

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