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Mar 03

Save the Planet Brigade!

Event Description

Every Sunday at 2 pm, kids of all ages will save the planet the fun way @bankstreetbooks: by participating in arts and crafts projects enriched by a world of books. For example, on February 17 we had a reading and discussion session about dolphins, did some sculpture-making, and wrote letters to the Ambassador of Japan to stop the killing of dolphins. Check out some of our past and future themes:

  • Feb 17: Dolphins (Sculpting)
  • Feb 24: Coral Reefs (Sculpting)
  • March 3: Big Cats (Crayon Resist)
  • March 10: Invertebrates Are Great (Robots and Windups)
  • March 17: City Birds (Origami)
  • March 24: City Wildlife Preserves (Rubbings)

Endangered animals, climate change, recycling, the rain forest, environmental justice and pollution are among the topics we will explore in a series of free hands-on workshops designed for kids who care, and want to make a difference in the world. Students will have the chance to mail copies of their creations to government officials and decision-makers around the globe who need to learn what kids think about how grownups are doing at the all-important job of preserving their home planet.

Alert of the Week: Act Now to Save our National Parks from deep cuts!

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