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Apr 06

Cartboy & The Time Capsule with Author Lori Campbell

Event Description

Not a history buff? Get a little more blast out of the past with Lori Campbell at her book signing and reading of Cartboy & The Time Capsule. And Lori will be bringing a TIME CAPSULE for everyone to add their own bit of history to!

Campbell’s debut Cartboy & The Time Capsule is fast and funny and dotted with drawings, labeled pictures and goofy timelines. 12-year old Hal has to keep a journal for his History class time capsule, which is totally lame! But, if he wants to get his own room, he has to turn that "D" in history class into a "B."

Hal’s authentic voice and realistic 12-year-old sense of humor will hook Wimpy Kid fans, and the idea that history is more than facts and quotes comes across nicely without seeming forced.

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