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Mar 08

Cancelled: Saturday, March 8th

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NEW DATE: Saturday, March 8th

Revisiting gender issues in the 21st century 

Conference for parents and educators

Registration information will be posted shortly.

This half-day conference for educators and parents will explore issues and challenges related to gender equality and gender inclusion from birth to Grade 3. Speakers and panelists will combine historical insights with a discussion of current dilemmas and practices in our schools, communities, and popular culture.

What does it mean to create a gender-inclusive environment in which all children can explore, learn, and thrive?  What can we learn from the past, and from educators in the field today, that will help us support children’s varied experiences of gender? During the 1970s, progressive teachers and parents changed the landscape of childhood by challenging traditional roles for girls and boys alike. In 1972, the actress Marlo Thomas co-produced Free to Be…You and Me, a landmark record album, book, and TV special that inspired children to resist cultural stereotypes.  Forty years later, how do gender issues play out in the classroom, on the playground, in the toy store, and on screen? How do children respond to the parade of princesses and superheroes they see in the media?  Building on themes presented in the recent anthology When We Were Free to Be:  Looking Back at a Children’s Classic and the Difference it Made, this conference will invite you to think more critically and creatively about the gendered expectations that children and adults encounter every day.    

The conference will feature a multi-media keynote presentation and panel discussion with scholars, children’s media producers, and renowned experts in early childhood and K-3 education. Interactive workshops will invite further discussion, exploration, hands-on learning, and debate.

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