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Feb 23

Julia Dweck Shares a Gggrreat Dino Book

Author Julia Dweck Author Julia Dweck

Event Description

Filled with fun facts for dinosaur connoisseurs of all ages, "Where Are the Dinos?" offers information and ideas about these long-ago creatures that continue to fascinate. Author, teacher Julia Dweck has written a book that satisfies all of those who are curious and fascinated, especially readers from 3 to 8 years old.

Come to the Bookstore!

Julia will read her book as well as answer questions and play games to help kids truly appreciate these glorious giants from the past.

Julia's resume includes teacher, writer, blogger, AND stand-up comic so this event is sure to be a big hit with kids and families. Just imagine a science show featuring a living, breathing Ms. Frizzle-type to guide your understandings. It's the next best thing to time travel.

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