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About Family Center Services & Childcare

The Family Center is a nonprofit inclusive childcare center and a home & community-based special education program, located at Bank Street College of Education. The center is designed to provide developmentally oriented, culturally sensitive child care and family support for families of children aged six months to four years.

The center also serves as a Preschool Special Education and Early Intervention site.

Children are divided into four groups: Two mixed-age groupings of 5 months to 2.8 years and two preschool classrooms. Children with special needs participate fully in each classroom, with the support of Special Education teachers and therapists who individualize activities and therapeutic strategies to meet individual needs

Children learn through activities and experiences that are child-centered and developmentally appropriate; relationships, primary care for each child and emotionally responsive practice are central to a child’s learning. Communication, support and collaboration are the hallmarks of partnership and take a variety of forms — from individual daily notes to individual conferences with staff members.