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Home & Community-Based Program

The Family Center Home & Community-Based Program brings special education and therapeutic services to children in the most appropriate, least restrictive, setting—either at your home or in a school-based setting. The developmental-interaction approach is the core philosophy for all aspects of the program. 

Children are typically evaluated for services by the Department of Education Committee on Preschool Education (CPSE). If a child is approved for services an IEP ("Individualized Education Plan") will be developed to generate goals and determine what services are needed. Often children who are struggling in the classroom and are presenting with vulnerabilities that inhibit their performance at school, are approved for SEIT "Special Education Itinerant Teacher" services. SEITs are certified teachers with a Master's Degree who work with children in a variety of early childhood settings. The SEIT's overall goal is to help children who need extra support perform successfully in a general education classroom. The SEIT uses many educational strategies and techniques to enhance a child's ability to function independently within the context of a structured setting. SEITS are also helpful in assisting parents navigate the turning 5 process.  

Communication, support and collaboration are the hallmarks of the family-SEIT partnership. SEIT's may provide individual daily notes in the communication book, work to facilitate positive communication between the family, the school and the treatment team, and provide phone check-ins with family at regular intervals. A SEIT is also responsible for scheduling two team-meetings a year where the child’s entire team will meet with the family. These meetings give everyone an opportunity to see how the child is functioning in different contexts and how best support the child moving forward.