Teachers: Room 2

Head Teacher Channing Edson

Head Teacher Channing EdsonA Bank Street College Infancy degree graduate, Channing started in the Family Center in 2003 as a student teacher. After two years, moved on to be a head teacher in a self-contained & inclusive classrooms. Before returning to the Family Center, have been doing SEIT, EI & behavior therapy work, as well as evaluations for Early Intervention. Also developed private social skills groups.

Presently a head teacher in Room 2 & supervisor to student teachers. Also attending Bank Street in Leadership in Education Program for administration degree.

Brittany Wallace – Assistant Teacher

Brittany is an assistant teacher in Room 2 at the Bank Street Family Center and a current Bank Street graduate student, working toward her master’s degree in the Infant & Family Development/Early Intervention and Early Childhood General & Special Education program. 

She has worked in early childhood education for the past eight years, receiving some of her infant and toddler training from early childhood learning centers in New Zealand and Australia. She most recently lead a 2’s and 3’s classroom as head teacher in a private art and play based preschool in Brooklyn, NY. 

Alexandra Martinez - Intern

Alexa is in her first year at Bank Street in the Infant and Family Development Early Intervention/ Dual Degree program with Hunter School of Social Work. After earning her BA from Bryn Mawr College, she taught Middle School Special Education in Baton Rouge, LA for 3 years and last year was the Director of Special Education for a founding charter school in Baton Rouge.