Room 4

Happy May!

I hope many of you had the chance to head outside.

Our dynamic work in Room 4 continues. Many in our community had huge developmental growth spurts during Spring break and trajectories continue! Friends are coming up against behavioral changes in their peers, and are trying to make sense of things that may feel different, or reactions that aren’t the norm. This has led to some developmentally typical arguments and tense situations between children who are usually easy going and madly in love with one another.

There is ever-growing awareness of other; this includes the recognition that opinions and desires are no longer similar. Many children have embraced their own ideas, and are willing to “sacrifice” smooth moments and acquiescence in order to achieve their own wishes and wants.

As interest in board games and other social experiences with turn taking and rule making increases, so does the notion and understanding of “fair and equitable”. Your child may sense a certain righteousness in her or his pursuits, because it feels well-timed and correct, and because there is an increased noticing of having to wait, the turn taking of others, and not having a say/having a say (or vote). Democracy is messy, and as parents it can be hard to swallow that all the wonderfully responsive emotional language you have been using and the choices you are used to offering, are now being used to tip the scales in a different direction! If we are going to teach kids how to identify and embrace all of their feelings, to become experts about themselves, we need to be prepared for some big “no’s” and differing opinions.


Your Room 4 Teachers