The Institutional Research Review Board

The Bank Street College Institutional Research Review Board (IRRB) was created in response to federal regulations that require the presence of such a Board at any institution that conducts research involving human participants and that receives federal support for any of its programs. Some private foundations require IRRB review of funded research projects as well. The Board is charged with implementing the procedures that the College has adopted, which are consonant with Federal guidelines for research involving human participants.

Bank Street’s primary concern in establishing the Board is to ensure that human participants involved in research projects at the College are protected from harm. Research is expected to be of service, to do no harm and to protect the participants and community from foreseeable risks in settings in which data are collected. Researchers are to conduct themselves in a professional manner and are not to exploit their participants.

The Bank Street IRRB is comprised of five or more members of varying background and expertise, who represent the various divisions of the College, and one member not affiliated with Bank Street, who participates on an ad hoc basis.  Meetings are scheduled as needed.

Members of the IRRB

Diane Newman, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Chair
Johannah Chase, Division of Innovation, Policy, and Research
Nancy Nager, General Teacher Education Department
Terry Orr, Leadership Department
Sean O'Shea, Bilingual, Infancy, Child Life, and Special Education Department
Dirck Roosevelt, Teachers College, Columbia University

Bank Street College of Education Institutional Research and Review Board Guidelines [pdf]

Bank Street College of Education Institutional Research and Review Board Application Form [pdf]