Leadership in Community-Based Learning

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  • Leadership in Community-Based Learning

Study advocacy, policy, social justice and community revitalization

You will have access to a wide variety of Bank Street courses and resources in all of these areas.

Move into leadership roles while continuing your present job

Supervised fieldwork can take place at your own site or elsewhere.

Kenneth GroverKenneth Grover
Program Director

Leadership in Community-Based Learning (30 credits) is a unique program for people who anticipate moving into leadership roles in community-based organizations and who want intensive preparation in advocacy, policy, programming, and CBO administration. Candidates qualify for leadership roles in a wide variety of initiatives, including (but not limited to) out-of-school-time, youth development, adult literacy, arts enrichment, parent education, and other community-strengthening organizations. Candidates can attend courses during academic-year or summer terms and use elective courses to focus on areas of special interest.

This program remains under development. We anticipate enrolling students for the fall 2017 term.


Admission Requirements

  • Excellent academic record and references reflecting strong leadership potential
  • Demonstrated interest in and aptitude for community-based work
  • See the Admissions Criteria.

Career Opportunities

  • Leadership roles in community-based organizations, e.g. executive director, deputy director, director of programming, educational director, director of development.
  • Leadership roles in out-of-school-time programs, e.g. supervisory position in an after-school, weekend, or summer program, school-to-work program, community service initiative, arts program, or other enrichment program. (For leadership positions in museums, see Bank Street's Leadership in Museum Education program.)
  • Other educational leadership roles, e.g. supervisory position in an international school, community college, or other educational setting not covered by traditional educational leadership programs.

Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

  • Supervised by a Bank Street advisor who has significant experience in community leadership and outreach.
  • Takes place in one semester.
  • Generally located at the site where you currently work, with visits from your advisor and mentoring from your site supervisor. Experience at a secondary site is also required. We can help you identify an appropriate primary or secondary site.

Certification in Education

This program does not lead to certification.

  • Designed for those hoping to lead out-of-school programs for children and youth
  • A flexible program focused on human development, leadership and program.