Leadership in Technology and the Arts:
Creative Writing Focus

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  • Master of Science in Education

No Longer Accepting Applications

We are no longer accepting applications for the Summer 2015 term. 

Study with a group of passionate arts educators.

A 25-month summer residency collaborative program with Sarah Lawrence College.

Delve deeply into school change strategies

Courses and fieldwork stress effective change strategies, with an emphasis on the role of arts education, and provide experience in action research.

Cathleen WigginsCathleen Wiggins
Program Director

Leadership in Technology and the Arts: Creative Writing Focus is one of the few programs in the nation that grounds preparation for school leadership in a strong arts program. Candidates become eligible for a wide range of leadership roles in pre-school through 12th grade schools and other educational organizations, but focus intensively on arts education. Some candidates come with significant creative writing and arts experiences; others have a strong interest in creative writing and the arts but little background.

Sarah Lawrence College and Bank Street College of Education have designed this special master's degree program to meet the particular needs of elementary, English, and language arts teachers preparing for roles in supervision and school leadership.

During the month of July for three consecutive summers, graduate students take courses at both colleges. The program's 42 credits consist of 18 credits focused on your professional development in supervision and administration, 15 credits in the writing process, and 9 credits of supervised fieldwork/advisement.

Admission Requirements

  • Excellent academic record and references reflecting strong leadership potential
  • Demonstrated interest in arts education. (No specific arts experience required.)
  • To qualify for SBL certification, candidates must have successfully completed three years of teaching or pupil personnel service work in N-12 settings.
  • See the Admissions Criteria.

Career Opportunities

  • Supervisory roles in schools or arts programs, e.g. principal, assistant principal, program director, department chair, staff developer, coach.
  • Teacher leader roles, e.g. teacher leader, teacher mentor, peer coach, curriculum developer, instructional specialist.
  • Supervisory roles in districts (with SDL certification), e.g. Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, District curriculum coordinator, District staff development coordinator.
  • Other educational leadership roles: Educational administrator in a non-school setting.

Leadership Certification

  • New York State School Building Leader (SBL) certification for those who meet experience requirements and pass the state assessments.
  • New York State School District Leader (SDL) certification for those who add Bank Street's five-credit SDL sequence to their studies, meet the experience and credit requirements, and pass the state assessments.

Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

  • Supervised by a Bank Street advisor who is an educational leader with a strong interest in the arts.
  • Extends over the entire course of the program, with intensive projects undertaken during the two academic years that come between the three July residencies.
  • Generally located at the site where you currently work, with visits from your advisor and mentoring from your site supervisor.