Bank Street Programs Online

What does it mean to learn in an online environment using a Bank Street approach? It means courses that include:

  • A sense of community and social presence;
  • Opportunities for authentic collaborative inquiry; and
  • Constructivist experiences and discovery rather than simple information delivery. 

It is important that Bank Street graduate students engaged in an online learning environment recognize and experience themselves as part of a community of learners as they explore the course content online.

Online Program Options

Bank Street College offers two master's degree programs that are fully online.

  • Child Life

    The Child Life program prepares students for careers as Certified Child Life Specialists in both hospital and community health care environments.

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  • Child Life Advanced Standing Track

    The Child Life Advance Standing option is for certified Child Life Specialists wishing to obtain a master’s degree to further their career.

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Why Bank Street?

Bank Street College of Education is a leader in educational reform and innovation, and in the practice of learner-centered education. You will experience small classes, an experienced, knowledgeable faculty dedicated to working with graduate students, and extensive supervision and advisement in educational settings.

Bank Street’s innovative and highly successful approach to teaching and learning is an international model for best practices in children’s education and teacher preparation. We are committed to education that is based on sound developmental principles and on diverse opportunities for learning through experience. Further, we believe in profound possibilities for growth, development and change, both in the graduate students who become part of the Bank Street community and in the children and families we serve.

Technical Requirements

Bank Street online courses are delivered through our online course environment and online real-time classroom. Before you consider taking an online program with us, you should make sure your technologies are ready. You must own a computer and dedicated internet connection. You computer must have a sound card with a microphone and speakers. Students must also have a webcam to participate in live sessions. If you need more specific information for technical requirements, go to: