Leadership in Mathematics Education Online

Leadership in Mathematics Education Online

Leadership in Mathematics Education Online Program

The 42-credit Leadership in Mathematics Education Online program is designed for teachers, coaches, or administrators who want to become school leaders (with an intensive focus on mathematics) while earning New York State School Building Leader certification. This unique program combines opportunities for candidates to learn more mathematics, enhance mathematics pedagogy, delve deeply into professional development issues, and learn a full range of essential school leadership skills.

During the 25-month program, students engage in intensive coursework in mathematics, mathematics leadership, and school building leadership. Students are expected to assume a range of leadership tasks with an emphasis on professional development in mathematics.

Admissions Requirements

Applicants to the Leadership in Mathematics Education program typically have at least three years of teaching experience.

Prerequisite: All candidates must have completed a course in child development before graduating from this program. In addition, all applicants must have a dedicated computer or tablet and Internet access. Our priority deadline is April 14th. After that date, applications are considered for that year only if space is available.

For this program, you'll need to be set up with specific technical requirements. For more information, click here.

Certification in Education

This program leads to New York State School Building Leader (SBL) certification. It also offers professional teaching certification to those who hold NYS initial certification. To be eligible for SBL certification, candidates must have successfully completed three years of full-time teaching or pupil personnel service work in N–12 settings and must pass the New York State SBL Assessment. As of 2013, completion of the New York State mandated workshops in School Violence Prevention, Child Abuse Identification and Reporting, and Dignity for All students are requirements of this program.

By adding five additional credits of coursework in School District Leadership, candidates who have completed 60 graduate credits may also be recommended for New York State School District Leader (SDL) certification after passing the New York State examination. Note that it is no longer possible to secure this certificate through individual transcript review.

Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

Supervised fieldwork students participate in online synchronous monthly conference group meetings and ongoing advisement, which are instrumental in supporting professional growth and development. Through supervised fieldwork/advisement, candidates practice leadership activities in their work settings and, with guidance, develop the ability to synthesize theory and practice. Supervised fieldwork and advisement are facilitated online through video conferencing.