Teacher Leader in Mathematics Education Online

Teacher Leader in Mathematics Education Online

Teacher Leader in Mathematics Online

The 40-credit Teacher Leader in Mathematics Education Online program is designed for elementary and middle school teachers who wish to prepare for leadership roles in their schools while bolstering their own capacity to do mathematics knowledgeably and confidently. It is appropriate for those who want to continue classroom teaching or for those who wish to become math coaches or staff developers in their schools.

Candidates grapple together with the big ideas of mathematics, exploring how diverse children and adults learn this content. They learn to provide professional development for teachers and administrators. They delve deeply into mathematics pedagogy, explore mathematics curricula, and experience the use of action research to improve mathematics practice.

During the 25-month program, students engage in intensive coursework in mathematics and mathematics leadership and work collaboratively with a Bank Street graduate faculty in supervised fieldwork and advisement. It is expected that in addition to their teaching responsibilities, students will assume a range of leadership tasks related to peer support and collaboration, coaching, professional development, and curriculum development.

Admissions Requirements

No specialized preparation in mathematics is required for this program. Most prospective graduate students are experienced teachers. Preference is given to those who have been teaching for at least two years.

Prerequisite: All candidates must have completed a course in child development before graduating from this program. All applicants must have a dedicated computer or tablet and Internet access. Our priority deadline is April 14th. After that date, applications are considered for that year only if space is available.

For this program, you'll need to be set up with specific technical requirements. For more information, click here.

Certification in Education

This program is designed for teachers who have initial New York State teacher certification and wish to earn professional classroom certification. It is also designed for teachers from other states with teaching certificates. With permission of the program director, candidates may transfer into Leadership in Mathematics Education after beginning the program, or may pursue School Building Leader (SBL) certification at a later time, but will be required to complete the additional coursework and fieldwork experiences required by the SBL program.  

Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

Supervised fieldwork candidates participate in online synchronous monthly conference group meetings and ongoing advisement, which are instrumental in supporting professional growth and development. Through supervised fieldwork and advisement, candidates synthesize theory and practice, enhance their classroom teaching, and explore new approaches to mathematics pedagogy. At the same time, they explore the possibilities of the teacher leader role. Supervised fieldwork and advisement are facilitated online through video conferencing.