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The Autism Spectrum Annotation

No longer accepting applications for this summer

This course sequence is designed to meet the needs of school professionals who are certified to teach students with disabilities or certified in speech and language disabilities, and who seek certification to provide a greater depth of service to more severely or multiply disabled children, including those who are on the autism spectrum.

Through this sequence of six courses, three workshops with experts in the field, and a transition seminar, you will gain a deeper understanding of autism spectrum disorders, and the skills needed to promote the capacity of multiply or severely disabled children. Through course work and through the practicum, you will develop specific understandings of how to work with children on the autism spectrum, how to modify their learning environments to promote optimal conditions for learning, how to advocate in the school setting, and how to work with cultural challenges that may exist in some communities. A special five session seminar series that is part of the sequence focuses on issues of transition.


Students will begin the sequence as a cohort and immerse themselves in developing their understanding of how to provide optimal learning opportunities for children on the autism spectrum. Students focus full-time on curriculum, planning and managing the learning environment, and on developing useful assessment tools. During the summer practicum toward the end of their sequence, students are in the classroom five days a week. This practicum will count for at least 100 hours of professional development course work. 


This course sequence leads to the Severe or Multiple Disabilities Annotation in New York State. Candidates seeking this Annotation must have a valid New York State certification in Teaching Students with Disabilities, or in Speech and Language Disabilities. 

Admission Requirements

Certification: Candidates for the Severe or Multiple Disabilities Annotation need to possess a valid certification in Special Education, Teaching Students with Disabilities, or in Speech and Language Disabilities. 
Prior master’s degree: This course sequence is not a master’s degree program. All candidates must have a prior master’s degree in Education. Students completing a master’s degree leading to certification to teach students with disabilities may apply if they are in good academic standing, have completed their supervised fieldwork / advisement, have no grades of incomplete, will have graduated before beginning the sequence, and wil have secured an appropriate teaching position.
Experience: Most graduate students in this program will have experience working with children with special needs, and most will have had some experience working with children who are on the autism spectrum.
Recommendation: Candidates teaching in special education or inclusion classrooms and settings must have a recommendation from a supervisor. Those candidates not currently working in a special education setting need to provide a recommendation from a prior supervisor or from an academic/fieldwork advisor. 

Tuition Reduction Opportunities

We are pleased to announce that we are able to offer a limited number of tuition subsidies for highly qualified candidates. Contact for more information.