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Adolescent Mathematics Education Program

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  • Master of Science in Education, 39 credits

Student-Centered Pedagogies for Adolescent Development

Teach mathematics for conceptual understanding; grades 7-12.

Blended Program with a Cohort Model

Become part of a supportive, sustained learning community with online and on campus experiences.

Robin HummelRobin Hummel
  Program Director for Adolescent Mathematics

The Adolescent Mathematics Education Program is for preservice and in-service teachers who want to teach math in general education settings, grades 7-12, in public, charter, and independent schools. Our approach to teaching mathematics at Bank Street mindfully integrates pedagogy and content. It is our intention to make the pedagogical practices of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics a reality in our nation’s classrooms. Adolescent mathematics education students experience a collaborative and supportive community of learners. The program requires two on campus summer residencies and online learning during the intervening years. The program seeks those who are looking for new insights and confidence in teaching mathematics.

Admission Requirements

  • Mature, self -aware, and committed individuals who are passionate about teaching and learning. There is an expectation of a willingness to be reflective about one's own practices and work with adolescents;
  • Excellent academic record (at least 3.0) and references;
  • Applicants are expected to have breadth across the liberal arts curriculum, as well as eighteen (18) semester hours (or the equivalent) of study in math content courses. 
  • See the Admissions Criteria;
  • Feel free to reach out to one of our admissions counselors for more information.


Graduates of this program will be eligible for New York State initial certification in Adolescent Education: Mathematics, Grades 7-12. No prior teaching certification is necessary for this program.

Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

The integration of coursework and field experiences is central to a Bank Street education. Through Supervised Fieldwork and Advisement, you will engage in guided field assignments in your classroom, which are instrumental in supporting your professional growth and development. With guidance, you will develop the ability to synthesize theory and practice. During the year, participation in a 2-hour monthly online meeting with your advisor and 5-7 other graduate students is required. During these sessions you will have an opportunity to engage in ongoing, in-depth conversations about teaching and learning.