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Infant & Family Development and
Early Intervention Programs

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  • Master of Science in Education
  • Master of Education*

Degree Program Options

Support growth and change for families

We cultivate practices to support the development of very young children within the context of their families during the crucial early years.

Earn professional credentials

Programs lead to eligibility for dual certification in early childhood general and special education, or for a license in social work.

Marjorie BrickleyMarjorie Brickley
Program Director

Gabriel GuytonGabriel Guyton
Advisor and Instructor

The importance of early learning experiences is increasingly well-documented by research and recognized by policy-makers. The Infant and Family Development programs provide students with specialized expertise in early development, preparing them to take on diverse roles in this exciting, rewarding, and dynamic field.

Coursework provides training in:

  • early development
  • assessment of infants and toddlers
  • crafting developmentally relevant learning experiences
  • working with families
  • reflective practice
  • specialized intervention strategies
  • engagement with policy and activism

Professional Credentials

Students interested in learning more about working with infants, toddlers, and caregivers may choose from four programs: dual certification program in early childhood special and general education (birth through age 2), a single certification program in early childhood special education (for individuals with initial certification), a dual degree program with Hunter College of Social Work, and a noncertification program.

Admission Requirements

Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

The heart of the program is a year-long supervised fieldwork experience.

  • Designed to facilitate the integration of theory and practice
  • Individualized, relationship-based, and thorough
  • Includes experiences with typically developing children, as well as with children with more specialized needs
  • Can be completed as a working teacher or in an internship position

Career Opportunities

The early intervention field is transdisciplinary, creative, and flexible. All of our graduates in the past five years who have sought jobs are currently working. Alumni work as...

  • Teachers in nursery schools, childcare, and Early Head Start programs
  • Service providers with the New York State Early Intervention Program in homes and center-based settings
  • Parent/child group facilitators
  • Early Head Start directors and family workers
  • Home visitors, and home visitor supervisors
  • Multi-media parent educators
  • Early childhood policy advocates
  • Play therapists 
  • Consultants to early childhood programs
  • Developmental evaluators
  • Really, too many to list!