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Teacher Leader in Mathematics Education

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  • Master of Science in Education: 33 credits

A July residency, with a blended format during the year, bringing candidates from all over

Support children and colleagues in deepening what it means to learn mathematics.

Study mathematics and leadership in a cohort of passionate educators

Inspire and lead change efforts in mathematics and leadership while earning your Professional Certification.

Robin HummelRobin Hummel
Program Director

The Teacher Leader in Mathematics program prepares mathematics teachers and coaches to play key roles in professional development and leadership. You will focus intensively on mathematics pedagogy with a view toward becoming an effective teacher leader, master teacher, coach, curriculum developer, or new teacher mentor. Courses and fieldwork stress effective change strategies with an emphasis on mathematics education, and provide experience in research, curriculum, and professional development. 

The program seeks those who are looking for new insights and confidence in mathematics as well as those who already possess a strong mathematics background. This program is geared toward those with a strong interest in providing professional development for colleagues as a coach or teacher leader. (Applicants who want to take on supervisory leadership roles should consider Bank Street’s Leadership in Mathematics Education program.)

All applicants must have a dedicated computer or tablet and Internet access.  In addition, you'll need to be set up with specific technical requirements.  For more information, click here.

Admissions Requirements

  • Excellent academic record and references reflecting strong teacher leader potential, with at least one year of full time teaching experience.
  • Demonstrated interest in mathematics education, but no specific math coursework or background required.
  • Initial New York State teacher certification in Childhood General Education and/or Students with Disabilities (1-6). If you hold a certificate from another state, you can apply for New York certification through interstate reciprocity. Click here for an outline of the process.
  • See the Admissions Criteria.

Certification in Education

Program completion leads to:

  • New York State Professional Teacher Certification for those who are eligible for professional New York State certification. Candidates with initial certification in Childhood General Education and/or Students with Disabilities (1-6) will be recommended for professional certification in either of these areas once they have successfully completed the program. 

Supervised Fieldwork/Advisement

  • Supervised by an advisor with a strong background in mathematics pedagogy.
  • Extends over the entire course of the program, with intensive projects undertaken during the two academic years that come between the three July residencies.
  • Generally located at the site where you currently work, with visits from your Bank Street advisor and support from your on-site mentor.

Career Opportunities

  • Teacher leader roles in schools:  Graduates qualify for a wide variety of non-supervisory roles such as team leader, coach, peer coach, new teacher mentor, curriculum developer, inquiry team member.
  • Leadership roles in other settings:  This program can strengthen your candidacy for positions in other organizations that study, support, publish, or otherwise seek improvement in the field of mathematics education.