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Why Bank Street?

Bank Street Graduate School of Education prepares students to thrive in real-world settings as impactful educators. To measure the competency of our professionals, the Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education (SCOPE) conducted a substantial survey titled The Preparation, Professional Pathways, and Effectiveness of Bank Street Graduates. This study from one of the nation's top research institutions documents the influence of Bank Street teacher preparation programs based upon surveys of graduates, comparison teachers, employers, and an analysis of pupil achievement gains.

Bank Street Teachers...

... Are Confident Going Into Classrooms

Among graduates who are currently teaching, 87 percent report that their program was effective or very effective at developing the skills or tools they needed to become a teacher. In comparison, only 66 percent of teachers in our comparison sample (a random sample of New York State teachers who did not attend Bank Street) report the same.


... Are Prepared In Several Subject Areas

Bank Street alumni report higher confidence in content area preparation than peers from other schools — an 18% advantage in science, 20% in English language and literacy, and 23% in math.

... Improve Student Learning

Bank Street graduates with more than two years of teaching experience demonstrated greater value-added to student test scores in English language arts than other experienced teachers in New York City. Strikingly, 90 percent of the respondents to the Employer Survey indicate that Bank Street graduates are well or very well prepared as teachers.

... Stay In Education Longer

87 percent of respondents to the Teaching Program survey (across a dozen years) indicate that their primary position was in the field of education, with 57 percent reporting they were working as P-12 classroom teachers. Among the five most recent cohorts surveyed, 68 percent of them report positions as classroom teachers, rates far surpassing national and local averages.