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Faculty Partnering Abroad


BangladeshEarly Care and Education Center for factory worker's children - Dhaka.

Global Rating of Environments (for Developing Countries/Global South)


In 2011, BRAC University in Bangladesh invited Virginia Casper (GS) and Faith Lamb-Parker (IPR) to co-develop an assessment tool to measure the quality of child care programs and provide professional development in a culturally relevant way. They will also assist in curricular help for a program for staff development for caregivers in child care programs in textile factories and advocacy with the factory owners.

The GROE evolved on the ground first in South Africa and is also being piloted in Liberia. In each country the items are grounded in strength-based observations, using a community-based participatory research and learning model (Casper and Lamb-Parker, 2012) In this way, local practitioners become engaged in the tool-development process from the beginning, providing fidelity of daily realities. The GROE includes a holistic approach, (health, nutrition and safety, as well as family and community engagement). It also includes a subscale on Approaches to Learning that is thought to be a predictor of children’s later interest in and motivation for learning and staying in school. Most significant, the GROE values creative and innovative use of self and local resources and thus has a built-in measure that allows the rater to acknowledge potential and actualized strengths in the variability of program structures, materials and practices.