Faculty Partnering Abroad


Children use soda cans as blocks in the Waterside Pre-K Program,  Monrovia.Children use soda cans as blocks in the Waterside Pre-K Program, Monrovia.

Faith Lamb-Parker, IPR, Barbara Kamara, BSC alumna, and Virginia Casper, Graduate Faculty

Bank Street College has a comprehensive partnership with Open Society Foundations (OSF) and Open Society Initiatives in West Africa (OSIWA) to support the creation of an Early Childhood Development (ECD) infrastructure in a post-conflict country in dire need of greater capacity and peace building. Work with the Liberian Ministry of Education began in 2010 with the creation of a National Intersectoral Policy for ECD. A co-developed early childhood program for parents, practitioners, and community members is on-going, along with a curriculum and training plan for teachers.

Using a bottom-up and top-down model, there are two child-centered ECD pilot programs with child screening and classroom assessments (GROE- see Bangladesh story) and a mentor/coaching strategy as well as plans for a higher education consortium among Liberian universities for the creation of an ECD common curriculum.

Adults in ECD training experience play themselves as they learn about setting up classrooms for young children.