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Children use soda cans as blocks in the Waterside Pre-K Program,  Monrovia.Children use soda cans as blocks in the Waterside Pre-K Program, Monrovia.

Faith Lamb-Parker, IPR, Barbara Kamara, BSC alumna, and Virginia Casper, Graduate Faculty

Bank Street College has a comprehensive partnership with Open Society Foundations (OSF) and Open Society Initiatives in West Africa (OSIWA) to support the creation of an Early Childhood Development (ECD) infrastructure in a post-conflict country in dire need of greater capacity and peace building. Work with the Liberian Ministry of Education began in 2010 with the creation of a National Intersectoral Policy for ECD. A co-developed early childhood program for parents, practitioners, and community members is on-going, along with a curriculum and training plan for teachers.

Using a bottom-up and top-down model, there are two child-centered ECD pilot programs with child screening and classroom assessments (GROE- see Bangladesh story) and a mentor/coaching strategy as well as plans for a higher education consortium among Liberian universities for the creation of an ECD common curriculum.