Student Teach Abroad Program

China—Anji Educational Bureau

Experience: This is a unique opportunity to work in one of 120 public preschools affiliated with the extraordinary Anji approach, which uses local materials (bamboo and recyclables) children set up for their own exploration.

Nepal—Rato Bangala School

Experience: Teach in a long-standing Bank Street “sister” school Post SFW/A clinical, with IMP possibilities (more coming

Rwanda—The Duha School

Experience: Collaborate with teachers and teach in Nursery and early Elementary years in large public school that has been supported by REAP (see web) for many years.

South Africa (1) Sithuthukile NGO in Middleburgh

Experience: Work in 0-3 or preschool settings and with a grassroots rural South African NGO that trains ECD practitioners in quality care and education practices.

South Africa (2) Siyabuswa, (Mpumalanga Province)

Experience: Teach in a public school partnership with Mpumalanga Province and the University of Johannesburg Siyabuswa Campus