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Teach Abroad

Requirements & Application Processes

With its strong foundation in developmental-interaction, these summer experiences encourage you to observe and think about the contextual issues of the country in which you will be a visiting teacher, first at home, before leaving, and then in-country. Your Teach Abroad experience may also be used as a basis of your IMP project.

The Admissions Requirements for Teach Abroad include:

  1. Being a graduate student in good standing, who has completed SFW/A during the year leading up to summer 2017.
  2. Meeting with your Advisor about your plans to engage in the Teach Abroad program and receiving a signed waiver from her or him that you will not be needing to take courses during the time you are interested in teaching abroad.
  3. Application (pdf): Final Deadline for Applications is January 23, 2017. Send finished application to
  4. Interview
  5. February through May you will take part in monthly meetings in which you will learn more about the country and culture you will visit and begin planning your IMP project (where appropriate). These meetings are mandatory for full acceptance into the Teach Abroad Program.
  6. Summer: Teach Abroad. Off you go!
  7. Return and share your experiences with your teaching colleagues and Bank Street faculty.