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Science Learning in the Local Environment

This community is a place where educators can share ideas about how to use their local communities and the scientific phenomena that happen around them to support children and adolescent's learning of science.

For example, tracking local weather or using the occurrence of a recent Earthquake maybe entry points into Earth science learning.

In addition to sharing your ideas, please feel free to post lessons, comment or provide feedback on one another's ideas and ask questions!

Math with your PJs on: A Community of Practice

A place for doing math together.

A place for giving and getting feedback on our math teaching.

Some things you should know about the community.

  • We are committed to children learning and doing mathematics.
  • We are biased toward progressive pedagogy.
  • We like math even when we are uncomfortable and not understanding it.
  • We don't always understand math, but are willing to work at it.
  • We want to find ways to help children understand and be successful at math.
  • We deepen our understanding by interacting with each other.