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FEAST Programs & Presentations

Supporting Dual-Language Learners in Head Start Centers: A Professional Development Webcast

On June 16, 2010 the Office of Head Start launched Ready for Success: Diversity and Multicultural Integration in Head Start and Early Head Start - Part II - Supporting Dual Language Learners with featured panelists Sandra Martinez-Siranaula, a graduate student in Bank Street's Bilingual Early Childhood Program (lead teacher); Nina Jaffe (Bank Street faculty advisor), Jhumur Mukerjee (Early Literacy Content specialist) and Amanda Ritanti (Head Start parent). This 90-minute program--the culmination of a year-long series--focuses on working with families and young children who represent diverse languages and cultures from Queens to Los Angeles. A new edition of the classic "Multicultural Principles for Head Start Programs," which provides a framework for the webcast, is available for downloading in PDF format.

39th National Migrant & Seasonal Head Start Conference: Sowing Seeds of Success - February 2010 in Washington, D.C.

Cuentos, Canciones y Continuidad: Tradiciones líricas en la educacion de niños y adultos
Stories, Songs & Continuity: Oral Traditions in the Education of Children & Adults

Presenters: Asher Delerme and Nina Jaffe

Through live performance, demonstration, and guided interaction, children's book author Nina Jaffe (La flor de oro: Un mito taíno de Puerto Rico) and Latin-jazz percussionist Asher Delerme (Mikatá, Airborne, MPACT) led a bilingual session in which participants were able to learn and share songs, games, and stories, as well as discuss and consider developmental and educational applications for Migrant & Seasonal Head Start Centers. After the session, Asher and Nina led an interactive jam/intercambio de canciones with Afro-Puerto Rican, Mexican, and Anglo-American music.