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FEAST Recommended Websites

These websites were selected by Bank Street graduate students in the course, EDUC 574 Folklore in the Classroom.

General Folklore and Storytelling Resources

Encyclopedia Mythica: Folktales
This site is an amazingly thorough encyclopedia on mythology, folklore, and legends from around the world. The mythology section is arranged by continent. The folklore section is divided into the following categories: Arthurian Legend, Folklore, Folktales, and Greek Heroic Legend.

The American Folklore Society
This site is a great introduction to folklore. The section, "About Folklore," defines folklore and discusses folklorists and the study of folklore. It also has links to folklore organizations and respected folklore books and journals.

Exploring Everyday Folklore with Nina Jaffe
This is a fantastic site for kids and adults to navigate. Nina Jaffe, instructor at Bank Street, discusses her careers as author, musician, and storyteller;defines the different kinds folklore; and describes how to identify and write about folklore in your own life. Kids can even publish their own folktales and folklore online. You can also hear Jaffe retell a folktale from one of her books.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts
This site has complete electronic texts (many with pictures!) of folklore, mythology, and legends from around the world. There are also links to sites with detailed information about Germanic geography, mythology, and culture, as well as resources for investigating specific fairy tales.

The Folklore Society
This is the site of one of the oldest organizations dedicated to folklore. It provides an excellent list of links to Web sites about different kinds of folklore both locally and worldwide.

Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage
This site has excellent cultural education programs and materials for K-12 teachers. A few activity guides can be downloaded from the Web site, and more extensive educational kits including video and audio recordings, etc. are available for purchase. The site also lists current exhibits at the Center, as well as online exhibits, complete with curriculum guides.

A Teacher's Guide to Folklife Resources for K-12 Classrooms
This site from the Library of Congress provides an extensive list of resources to help teachers bring folklife into the classroom. There is a description for each resource, including classroom applications, how to obtain the resource, and cost (if any) for the materials described. There is also a contact list of national, regional, state, and community-based folklife programs.

University of California, Berkeley, Folklore Program
This site has links to journals, folklore Web sites, and resources for folklorists. There is an emphasis on the academic study of folklore, and many of the links are to other university folklore programs.


African Music Encyclopedia
This site provides biographies of various African musicians. It includes a glossary of African music and a list of recommended books, linked to for purchases. It also has a long, useful list of links to Web sites of African music festivals, periodicals, newsgroups, stores, etc.

Cora Connection: The Manding Music Traditions of West Africa
This site is fantastic! It includes pictures and diagrams of instruments, much information about the history and use of instruments, extended sound bytes, and opportunities to purchase recordings. It focuses on the kora, balafon, and ngoni.


Asia Society
"The Asia Society is America's leading institution dedicated to fostering understanding of Asia and communication between Americans and the peoples of Asia and the Pacific." This site has information about upcoming events, as well as pictures and information from their extensive art exhibits.

Indian Mythology
This site serves as a resource for parents, educators, and individuals wanting to expand their knowledge base of Indian mythology and find creative ways to encourage interest in Indian culture through storytelling. It includes comprehensive stories, terminology index, discussion forum, image gallery, and an interactive quiz. It also encourages site visitors to contribute their own versions of stories of Hindu deities.


The Holland Ring
The Holland Ring Web site is an excellent resource for examining Dutch heritage and tradition. It not only provides historical background and explanations of various Dutch practices but it also provides descriptions of cuisine, traditional dress, and most important, what is known as Dutch folklore.
Country: The Netherlands

Irish Literature, Mythology, Folklore, and Drama
This is a fantastic source of information about Irish folklore, myths, legends, saints, literature etc. There are links to hundreds of related sites and the information is organized into the following categories: history, language, periodicals, literature, mythology, publishers, theater companies, folklore, fine arts, food, marketplaces, and free goodies.
Country: Ireland

North America

Alaska Native Heritage Center
This site provides information about the technology, cultural traditions, social organization, and history of 5 of Alaska's 11 native cultures. Their FAQ section has some fantastic links to other sites about Alaska and Alaska Native cultures. There are some wonderful photographs of their current exhibits under "Visit" and "What's Happening at the Center." There are also pictures of artwork and biographies of many Alaska Native artists under "Learn" and "Special Programs and Resources."
State: Alaska
Culture, Ethnic Group, or Religion: Alaska Natives

American Folklore
"This folklore site contains retellings of American folktales, Native American myths and legends, tall tales, weather folklore, and ghost stories from each and every one of the 50 United States." The "Student Resources" section is especially good, and you can even e-mail a folklore professor at UCLA.
Country: United States

The British Columbia Folklore Society
This site defines folklore and provides good examples of different kinds of folklore from British Columbia. A link called "Local Legends" invites readers to submit tales from their regions. There is a multitude of links, some to specific legends and others to folklore Web sites around the world.
Province: British Columbia, Canada

Jose-Luis Orozco
This Web site includes information on the folowing: a bibliography on Jose-Luis Orozco, show schedules, albums, stories, songbooks, CDs, cassettes, and DVDs, which are all in Spanish. The heritage and traditions of the Spanish-speaking world are brought to life through song.
State: California
Culture, Ethnic Group, or Religion: Latino

Kentucky Folklife: Traditions and Treasures
The site contains the following: oral histories, jump rope jingles and hand claps, quilts, recipes, and memories of schools of past and present Kentuckians. 
State: Kentucky

The Library of Congress American Folklife Center
This site contains an amazing array of ethnographic field collections, ranging from "California Gold: Northern California Folk Music From the Thirties" to "Quilts and Quiltmaking in America, 1978-1996." The collections include audio and video recordings, drawings, photographs, and documents.
Country: United States

Mexican Folklore: Legends, Sayings, Beliefs
This is a comprehensive Web site on many aspects of Latino culture. It includes an extensive listing of legends, sayings, and beliefs of the Mexican and Mexican-American communities, including Aztec and Mayan mythology, along with other folktales. It also provides good references and links to more Latino resources.
Countries: Mexico, United States
Culture, Ethnic Group, or Religion: Latino

Native American Culture
This Web site contains many Native American stories and legends, including several creation stories from tribes all over North America. There are also links to other Native American sites and photographs of folk art.
Country: United States
Culture, Ethnic Group, or Religion: Native Americans

The New York Folklore Society
The Society offers many programs and services, such as the Folk Archive Project, to preserve and foster folk traditions of all cultures in New York. The "Resources" section is especially helpful to gain an understanding of folklore. It also has a list of useful folklore, arts, and music organizations, and archives, libraries, and museums located in New York.
State: New York

Philadelphia Folklore Project
This site has information about Philadelphia-area folk artists, recent folk life exhibits and events, and resources for educators, including teacher guides, publications, and curricula. It also provides biographies and photographs of respected folk artists from Philadelphia.
City and State: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Whitman Mission National Historic Site
This well-organized site provides valuable information for curricula relating to the Oregon Trail and Westward Expansion. Though some interesting biographies and historical accounts can be found on the "Whitman Mission Teacher's Guide," the most valuable enclave of information is present within the over 100-page "Oregon Trail Teacher's Guide." This guide prompts teachers with ideas relating to history, language arts, mapping, science and math.
Country: United States


National Library of Australia
The National Library of Australia's site includes exhibits on Australian oral history, maps, music, performing arts, and historical photos documenting the cultural and ethnic history of Australia.
Country: Australia

Cultures, Ethnic Groups, or Religions

The Bavarian Schuhplattlers of Edmonton
This site was put together by a group of German-Canadians who perform traditional folk dances from Austria and Bavaria. There are excellent photographs and child and adult schuhplattlers, as well as photographs and descriptions of each dance. The site also contains many other links to German cultural sites. 
City and Country: Edmonton, Canada
Culture, Ethnic Group, or Religion: German-Canadians

The Hasidic Stories Home Page
This site encompasses many aspects of Hasidic storytelling and tales, including monthly articles and resources. There are stories, themes of storytelling, and insights into Hasidic life and values.
Culture, Ethnic Group, or Religion: Hasidic Judaism

Jewish Community Center Association (JCCA) Early Childhood Curriculum Project
This site describes the history of the Jewish holidays and traditions that occur each month in the Jewish calendar. There are art activities, cooking projects, songs, and stories for each holiday. Although it is specifically designed for early childhood, the activities can be used for elementary-age children as well.
Culture, Ethnic Group, or Religion: Judaism

Los Angeles Donauschwaben Dancegroup - Donauschwäbische Tanzgruppe
This site was created by a group of people who participate in a German cultural group in Los Angeles. It includes samples of German-Austrian music, photographs of traditional costume and dance, recipes for German foods, and a history of the Danube-Swabian heritage.
State: California
Culture, Ethnic Group, or Religion: Danube-Swabians

The Religious Society of Friends
This Web site provides information about Quaker beliefs, history, practices, folk art, and traditions. There are also many historical writings by famous Quakers about various political, policy, and religious issues. The site also has an extensive list of links to Quaker organizations.
Culture, Ethnic Group, or Religion: Quakerism


This site is dedicated to the many different Cinderella stories from around the world. It includes Cinderella stories from France, Germany, Norway, Ireland, Scotland, Italy, Georgia, Serbia, Russia, and more. It also includes links to sites on folklore compiled by other organizations or people.
Subject: Fairy Tales

Family Folklore: How to Collect Your Own Folklore
This site is a practical resource for teachers planning a family folklore research project with students. It breaks down the steps of an investigation and includes topics and issues to consider before and during the process. This site also describes migration experiences of various cultural groups. It includes information about people, objects, and ideas from a wide range of cultures in the United States, Canada, Asia, Africa, Europe, the Pacific, and South America.
Subject: Family Folklore

Folk Music of England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales & America
This site has the history, audio recordings, and lyrics to many folk songs primarily from Europe and the United States. You can search by country or by category, such as love songs, sad songs, children's songs, songs of war, etc. The "Folk Microencyclopedia" is also an excellent source of information about different folk songs and genres.
Countries: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, United States, Canada, and Australia
Subject: Folk Music

Solar Folklore
This is a fascinating Web site exploring the various aspects which surround the lore of the Sun and the Moon. It has many links to other sites offering interesting details on the mythological historical, scientific and cultural aspects of this lore.
Subject: Sun & Moon Folklore

Storm Facts: Winter Weatherlore and Folklore Forecasts
There are various folklore forecasts, such as, "If the first week in August is unusually warm, the coming winter will be snowy and long," and weatherlore, such as, "The wider the brown (middle) band on a wooly bear caterpillar, the milder the Winter."
Subject: Weather Folklore