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Seeing Is Believing

Teachers have told us that visiting the classroom of an experienced and exemplary practitioner is one of their most valued professional development experiences. To enable you to visit a master teacher at work, we've created a series of video clips that will allow you to take a virtual trip to the classroom of Lenore Furman, who has been teaching kindergarten in an urban public school for over 25 years.

We've organized the information about Lenore's classroom into 5 main sections: Arrival Routines, Work Center Time Routines, The Word Wall, Community Building Strategies, and An Afternoon Meeting.

In each section, Adrianne Kamsler, long time public school educator and Director of the Curriculum and Instruction Program at Bank Street College, asks Lenore to explain how she thinks about structures and strategies for learning. Each discussion is followed by footage of students and teachers at work in the classroom, illustrating how theory is translated into classroom practice. 

An additional section, The Classroom Environment, establishes the physical context, with a map, video pan and photos of Lenore's classroom.

Adrianne Kamsler
Adrianne Kamsler

Lenore FurmanLenore Furman