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Arrival Routines

Everyone can help...

In the beginning of the year, I introduce jobs by modeling a few at a time during morning meeting. Children practice them under supervision until everyone can do them. When ten jobs have been introduced, we start using the Job Chart. Soon there are jobs for everyone. Children's "assignments" change daily. 

Jobs change daily, instead of weekly, because some jobs, like Calendar, which develops counting and number writing skills, are more complex than others. I want everyone to have an opportunity to do them on a regular basis. 

Rotating jobs daily means that a child will do the Calendar every twenty days, rather than once in October and once in March. This also gives me multiple opportunities to observe and assess a child's developing math skills.

Some jobs, like Graph Helper, Attendance, Weather and Marble Counter, are done first thing in the morning. Others, like Snack Helper, Line Leader, Clean-up Bell and Class News Writer are done as the day unfolds.

I add or remove jobs as students enter or leave the class. Each job is listed on a library pocket. Children's name cards move daily from left to right and then make a return sweep to the next row, reinforcing a left to right progression. Once children learn this system, they can anticipate their favorite jobs -- "In three days, I'll be Snack Helper!"

Bell RingerGraph HelperMarble Counter

A Few Unusual Jobs

Graph Helper
The Graph Helper stations herself by our daily graph to help other children read and answer the graph question during arrival time. My aide or I check in with the Graph Helper first thing in the morning to see if she can read the graph question. If not, we'll read it to her so she's prepared to help the others.

Bell Ringer
The Bell Ringer gives the signal when it's time to clean up and gather in the meeting area. Giving a child responsibility for this job helps students learn to be responsive to each other as well as to the adults in the room.

Marble Counter
We keep track of how many days we've been in school in many ways. For this job, the Marble Counter adds one marble to a special container. Sometimes she and her friends will sort the marbles into groups of tens and ones to count the number of days we've been in school. Since we also add a new number each day to our wall-mounted number line, the children can use the number line to self-check when they have finished counting the marbles.