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Seeing Is Believing


What do you want us to know...

Keeping arrival time open and flexible gives children an opportunity to talk with me and with each other. Gathering and later sharing their news is an important morning ritual.

  • I sit in the meeting area and children come to tell me their news. Some children volunteer frequently and some only occasionally.
  • The news might be exciting, "I lost a tooth." Or it might be sad, "My pet died." I ask each child if their news is just for me or if it can go into our News-of-the-Day book.
  • If they want their news recorded, I write down exactly what they say. We want to capture all their news, not just what they can write themselves. Taking dictation also models how speech can be turned into words that can then be read.
  • During morning meeting, I read the news we've collected (but not until I've checked to make sure the contributors want to share it with the whole group).
  • When something comes up that other children have also experienced or want to talk about, we can have a lively, extended conversation.

News-of-the-Day, is a way for children to share what's going on in their lives outside of school. It helps build classroom community and it makes the transition from home to school a little bit easier. It also provides a valuable record over time of the important events in the children's lives.