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Seeing Is Believing

The Choice Board

Learning to make good decisions...

We start Work Center Time with a whole group meeting during which we discuss children's plans for the work they will do in the centers. The Choice Board is used to help manage the decisions children make.

  • Each center has color-coded clothespins attached with velcro to The Choice Board.
  • Children take one of the clothespins, pin it onto their clothing and move to the center, where they sign in. Once all the pins for a given center are gone, that center is "full." No one else may choose that center.
  • Children are not obligated to stay in a center for any length of time. When they are ready, they can come back to the Choice Board, replace their clothespin, and move to a different center that is "open."
  • I gather the group together at the end of Work Center Time so children can share what they have done.

Because all of the centers are rich in opportunities to explore, to create and to develop cognitive skills, I don't control children's choices.Choiceboard