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Seeing is Believing

The Sign-In Book

Where I worked today...

Children can choose to work at one of eight centers: Art Center, Library Center, Math Center, Building Center (Manipulatives), Writing Center, Science Center, Block Center, and Pretend Center. When they arrive, children write their names in the Sign-in Book.

  • The Sign-in Book provides a record over time of who has worked in each center.
  • Signing in gives children purposeful practice in writing their names.
  • It also helps children monitor their choices and solve conflicts. For example, if several children want to work in the same center and there's not enough room, we can refer to the center's Sign-in Book. Turning the pages of the book I might say, "I notice you've worked here many days, Jimmy, and I don't see Ruthie's name recently. How about giving Ruthie a turn?" This is very concrete and helps children feel better about going to a different center.

Signing In