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Seeing is Believing

The Classroom Environment

How the room evolves over time...

All the video clips on this site were taken at mid-year. If you came into my room in early September, it would look much different.

  • You would not see the children's art work, or my signs and charts on the walls. The children and I create these things together, a little bit at a time.
  • Working this way insures that the classroom grows with the children and that classroom displays are relevant and useful for them.
  • For example, in November, I introduce tray painting. We talk at meeting about how to set up the painting trays and we discuss the chart that shows how to set up the trays. Only then do I hang it in the art center.

Displaying charts and signs only when we're ready to use them insures that children see and use them as classroom resources. This keeps the environment clear and uncluttered.