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Bibliography for a Conflict Resolution Study

Children's Books

Henkes, K. (1986). Weekend with Wendell. New York: Mulberry Press.

Weekend with Wendell

 Wendle is visiting for the weekend but Sophia can't wait for him to leave. This book can spark conversations about how the actions of one person can affect other people. It also reinforces the idea that conflicts can be resolved.

Lionni, L. (1988). Six crows. New York: Scholastic, Inc.

Six Crows

The crows and the farmer are at odds over a field of wheat. After many futile attempts at intimidation and with the danger of a failing wheat crop, they find that it is never too late to talk things over.

Martin, F. (1992). The honey hunters. Cambridge MA: Candlewick Press

The Honey Hunters

The jungle animals live harmoniously until a search for honey leads to greed and seemingly irresolvable conflict. Children can suggest ways the conflicts might have been avoided or resolved.

Meiners, C.J. (2004). Learning to get along series. Minneapolis, MN: Free Spirit Publishing.

Learn to Get Along Series

This series includes books on a variety of topics that promote respect and consideration and are written in clear, simple language. Each book includes suggested discussion questions and activities to reinforce the topic.

Udry, J.M. (1988). Let's be enemies. New York: Harper Trophy.

Let's Be Enemies

James and John are good friends who are now enemies. John thinks James always wants to be boss. After thoughts of revenge and ending the relationship, John finds that James may not always want to be the boss and is willing to follow his lead.

Wildsmith, B. (1971). The owl and the woodpecker. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

The Owl and the Woodpecker

The woodpecker spends his days tapping on tree trunks disturbing the sleeping owl. Tempers flare and a conflict ensues. The other forest animals get involved to no avail until a misfortune results in heroic actions and the two find a way to live together as friends.

Zolotow, C. (1982). The quarreling book. New York: Harper Trophy.

The Quarreling Book

A rainy morning and a forgotten goodbye begin a chain of events that affect the mood of an entire family. This book can initiate conversations about the impact of our actions and words on other people.

Teacher Resources

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