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Employer User Guide


This guide will help you navigate CareerConnect, our new online automated job system for Students and Alumni of Bank Street College. This new site will allow you to post and manage an unlimited number of job postings at no cost to you, and to solicit applications directly through the site, if you so choose. You may also register for upcoming events. Register today to connect with the outstanding students and graduates of Bank Street College.


Step 1: Go to the employer login page, and click on “Click Here to Register!”

Step 2: Enter the name of your organization to determine if it is already listed with us. If it is not, click on “Can’t Find Your Organization?”

Step 3: Enter the requested information, with particular attention to required fields (*). Be sure to fill out both the general employer information and your unique contact information. You are given the option to include or exclude each set of information in our employer directory, searchable by job-seekers.

Step 4: Click “Register” at the bottom of the page.

Step 5: On the following page click “Submit Profile.”

Step 6: You will be notified by email when your profile has been approved. You are free to begin posting your jobs before this occurs, though they will not be immediately viewable by job-seekers.

Posting a Job

Step 1: Select “My Jobs” and “New Job” from the top navigation bar.

Step 2: Provide an informative job title and as much detail as possible about the position responsibilities, who should apply, and how they should apply. Pay particular attention to required fields (*).

Step 3: Our standard posting period is 2 months. If you wish to post the job for a different period of time, please adjust the date accordingly. (Note that you will receive an email the day before each job is about to expire; upcoming expirations will also appear on the calendar on your CareerConnect home page.)

Step 4: Decide whether you wish to allow students/alumni to apply online by submitting their résumé and cover letter to you through CareerConnect. (Note that cover letters are optional in the online application process; if you require one please say so in the “How to Apply” section.) If you select “Yes,” for “Allow Students to Apply Online” you will receive email notification of each applicant, with a direct link to their documents. If you prefer to receive applications some other way, select “No” and include instructions under “How to Apply.”

If you have filled your position with a Bank Street student/grad, please let us know by clicking on “Report a Hire” on the left side of the CareerConnect website!

Close a Job: When your position has been filled please remember to close the posting! You can do so by clicking on “My Jobs,” then “Job List,” and selecting the filled position from your list. Then select “Close Job” from the left sidebar.

Edit a Job:Click on “My Jobs,” then “Job List,” and select the position from your list. Click on the “Position/Posting Information” tabs and edit the existing information. Then click “Save.”

Re-post a Job: To re-post an inactive position, simply select the job from your list and then click “Copy Job” on the left after the details have appeared on the screen.

To Register for a Career Event

Step 1: Hover over the Career Events menu. Click on the Search submenu.

Step 2: You will see a list of all current Career Events (Career Fairs)

Step 3: To view details or register, click on the Career Event’s name.

Step 4: Fill out your profile and select the appropriate fees (if any).

Step 5: Once you register for an event, you will be able to immediately print the invoice (click on the gray invoice button).

Step 6: Please submit your registration fee in the format of a check made payable to: Bank Street College, and sent to Bank Street College, 610 West 112th Street, New York, NY 10025. Attn: Susan Levine

Also, you will be emailed by our office to confirm your registration to the event. If you need to make changes to your profile or fees after your registration has been confirmed, you will need to contact our office at


Contact the Career Services Office at or call (212) 875-4657 with any questions.