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Applying Online for New York State Certification

Pathway: State Approved Preparation Program

READ CAREFULLY! The process of applying for a New York State Certificate will now occur via TEACH; the new online certification database. TEACH enables you to set up a profile and maintain your record as well as apply for certification. Follow the steps outlined below to create your account and apply for your certificate. Do not create a new account if you already have one! Read through all of the steps before you begin the process so that you know what materials you will need to input the information required.

  1. Go to and select Self Registration if you do not already have a TEACH account.
  2. Choose a user name and password that contains both letters and numbers. Be sure to follow the parameters carefully. Keep this information in a safe place as you will be required to access your record periodically.
  3. Once you have successfully logged in select TEACH Online Services and then Profile Links - Update Profile.
  4. First, enter your personal information including your contact information.
  5. Next, insert your education information. You will be required to enter the dates of attendance, credits earned, degree and degree date. Be sure to include all undergraduate and graduate institutions that you have attended. Do not enter in any future dates; the system will not accept future dates. You will not be required to submit transcripts to the state when you apply through the State Approved Preparation Program pathway. IMPORTANT: Be sure to select the choice marked Approved New York Teacher Certification Programs: Select this radio button if you completed a New York State institution that leads to recommendation for a teaching certificate. You cannot delete and entry once it is in TEACH. If you make an error and add a school more than once, make sure both entries match exactly.
  6. Edit your employment information. You will be asked for the school name and location as well as details pertaining to each position. If applying for Professional certification, you must submit the Verification of Mentored Experience form to the state if any of your experience took place in public schools. Applicants who only have private school experience do not need to submit this form. Download the form at Important note: the TEACH system cannot grant credit for experience! Experience requirements will appear as deficient until an evaluator reviews your application.

    Do not proceed to step 7 until you receive documentation from the Registrar’s Office that you are officially graduated unless you are a TFA student or Internship Credential Applicant. Do not submit multiple applications for the same certificate title.

  7. Return to your home page and select Online Application : Apply for a Certificate.
  8. A screen will appear listing the steps that you will take to complete the application. Once you have read this page, select Next at the bottom of the page.
  9. You will be asked again to verify your profile. Check the information for errors and proceed by selecting Next.
  10. The next step is to select the certificate for which you are applying. You will be selecting from a series of dropdown menus which will populate based on your choices.
    a. Select your area of Interest – You will select Classroom Teacher or Administration.
    b. Select your subject Area – Select your specific area
    c. Select the Grade Level Select your specific grade level
    d. Select the Title – Select your specific title
    e. Select the Type of Certificate – Choose internship, initial, professional or permanent

  11. Click Add.
  12. You will be prompted to enter the program code found on your Student Application Information form preceding the program name. Enter the code and hit submit. Be sure to enter the appropriate code or your application will not be evaluated properly. TFA applicants – refer to the program chart sent to you for your program code. Your Bank Street program will appear. Select the button next to this and hit Next.
  13. You will now be on the Review Selection Screen. Choose the option I want my application to be reviewed by the State Education Department. Choose Next.
  14. You will now be at the Sign Affidavit screen. Answer all questions on this page and read the information carefully. You will be signing under penalty of perjury. Click Sign Affidavit when you are finished.
  15. The Confirm and Sign Application screen will appear. Review the information for accuracy and read the terms at the bottom of the screen. Select Sign Application.
  16. The last step is the Make Payment screen.
  17. The Application Transaction Summery screen appears. You should print a copy of this for your records as well. .
  18. Select Done.
  19. Repeat steps 7-18 for each area of certification.
  20. IMPORTANT!!!! Check your certification online.

The state does not issue paper certificates for initial, transitional or intern certificates so you must verify that the certificate(S) is issued. Log in to your TEACH account and select Inquiry Links then Teach Online Services. Select Certificates and click Go. If your application is still pending, it will appear in the Certificate Applications Section. You can click on the Status to access the most current evaluation. If your certificate(s) appear under the Issued Certificates section, the state has granted your certification(s). PAY CAREFUL ATTENTION TO THE EXPIRATION DATE AND BE SURE TO TAKE THE APPROPRIATE NEXT STEPS PRIOR TO THIS DATE!

NOTE for Professional (or Permanent) certificate applicants – the checklist that appears when you submit your application will NEVER grant credit for teaching and mentored experience. This credit is granted by a state evaluator at the time that the application is reviewed.

Note: If submit your application but realize you made an error, you must contact TEACHHELP Line: (518) 486-6041 Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.