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edTPA: Video Protocol Recommendation

Date: April 24, 2014

Text of email from NY State Education Department regarding confidentiality and security of video footage for edTPA

We ask that schools of education ensure that all teacher candidates are fully apprised of the importance of the confidentiality and security of videos filmed in P-12 schools for the purposes of certification.

You may wish to provide specific campus-level guidance regarding precautions that all teacher candidates must follow regarding the video footage attained for certification purposes. For example, campus-level guidance should prohibit the sharing, copying or redisclosure of any video footage obtained in the classroom, with any individuals or groups for any purpose other than for State certification. The campus-guidance should also have provisions requiring prompt destruction of any videos once a candidate passes the examination. At the State level, if the misuse of the video footage is brought to the State’s attention, the candidate’s score on the examination may be nullified and such misuse may be considered when the candidate applies for certification pursuant to Part 83 of the Commissioner’s Regulations. Our goal is to protect the students who attend P-12 schools and districts that have given your teacher candidates the opportunity to complete this certification requirement. We also want to ensure that your institutions do not face unintended consequences as a result of video misuse by a teacher candidate.

Shannon L. Roberson
Secretary to the Deputy Commissioner
Office of Higher Education
New York State Education Department
Room 977, Education Building Annex, Albany, NY