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New York State Internship Credential Fact Sheet

Once you have completed at least one-half of the credits required in a qualifying degree program, you can obtain this temporary certification that allows you to earn a teacher salary while completing your course work (and culminating project) in the evenings and over the summer.  

What it is

The internship credential is a temporary certificate that allows you to accept a job that requires certification as a condition of employment while you are in the process of completing your degree.

Who qualifies

Matriculated students enrolled in programs leading to certification in good academic standing who complete at least half of the credits required for the program.

Students who have been fingerprinted. Both the State Department of Education and the New York City Department of Education will need to clear your fingerprints in order to be eligible. Proof of fingerprints must be reflected in your TEACH account with New York State. 

What to do if you are interested

Find a job.

You must submit a written offer letter from a particular school for a job in the same certification area as the degree program for which you are enrolled (i.e., Childhood Education students can only accept a job in grades 1-6). This letter must be submitted to Bettina Tillman in the Registrar’s Office.

Talk to your program director or advisor.

You will need a faculty mentor who will be required to meet with you twice per semester while you work. The faculty mentor must send written notification that he/she agrees to the mentor role to David Bryant ( If you are enrolled in Supervised Fieldwork, your mentor must be your advisor.


Internship Credential Registration Form.

Students must register each semester for which he/she is working under the credential. For students who are in fieldwork at the time of the internship, the fee is $100. For students who are post-fieldwork, the fee is $500. Get your Internship Registration form signed by your mentor, contact the Business Office (212-961-3369; to pay the fee and bring the registration form to the Registrar’s Office to be officially registered for the Internship.

Apply for the internship credential online.

You are required to apply for the internship via the state’s Certification Database (TEACH). Once you have met all of the above requirements, the Registrar's Office will send you the information that you will need complete the application.

You must submit all materials for the internship prior to August 31 for the fall semester and January 31st for the spring semester.

These deadlines are in place according to the New York State Education Department’s schedule for issuing certificates. Unfortunately you are not able to begin working in the middle of the semester.

Other important information

You must apply for regular certification upon completion of your program.

The internship credential is temporary. You will need to complete all of the requirements for regular certification including exams and workshops and you will need to submit an online application.