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Submitting Other Applications

I want to get certified in another state, what do I do once I obtain New York State Certification?

You must contact the relevant State Department of Education for details on requirements and application procedures. Certification regulations vary by state, so it is best to obtain the information well in advance of the intended program completion date.

I am certified in another state, what do I do to obtain New York State Certification?

You must apply online via the TEACH system via the Pathway: Interstate reciprocity.  Reciprocity is only for the academic work, and does not cover state tests. Bank Street has compiled an instruction sheet (pdf) to help with this process. 

Please see The New York State Ed website for states that have reciprocity with New York

How do I use my Bank Street degree to move my initial certification to a professional certificate?

Bank Street can only recommend a student for certification based on coursework that was completed at Bank Street.
If you apply for certification individually, you must still apply via TEACH, but you will select a different pathway for evaluation. You will select Certificate Progression and must submit all official transcripts to the state along with the Verification of Mentor Experience form.

Materials should be sent to:

Certification Unit
New York State Education Department
5N Education Building
Albany, New York 12234

We suggest that all correspondence to the state clearly indicate your name and social security number so that it is properly applied to your file. You may want to send the documents with a return receipt requested, so that you are confident that the state receives the credentials.  Processing time for all certification applications varies.

How do I obtain a New York City license?

New York City Department of Education licensing is a separate process from New York State certification. Note that in order to be a regularly licensed teacher, you must be state certified.

Visit the NYC Department of Ed website for more information on New York City licensing.