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Each One Teach One 2016

Each One, Teach One is an annual event hosted by the Bank Street Council of Students (COS) to facilitate the sharing of ideas, research and experiences with graduate students, Bank Street faculty and staff, and School for Children teachers and parents.

Friday, April 29, 2016 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

There will be two components:

  1. Experiential Fair: This "Experiential Fair" will feature various activities, experiences, and developmental platforms that are meaningful for children. You will be able to stop by, stay for a few minutes, learn, share, and then move on to another table or display.
  2. Mini-Workshops: It will be set up like a conference, where you will select a workshop and stay for the duration.

The theme is social justice. A sampling of the workshops and tables you can expect to see!

  • Sandra Chapman, Developing an Awareness of Multiple Identities in Elementary Classrooms
  • Allie Bruce, Loudness in the Library: Empowering Students to Think Critically About Identity and Bias
  • Colleen Fitzsimmons-Wiviott, Museums Everyday, Meaningful Experiences for Every Student: A Collaborative Education Website Highlighting Universal Design for Learning
  • Heather Johnston, Writing Social Justice Poetry in The Elementary Classroom
  • Sade Nickels, Thinking Beyond the Gender Binary in the Classroom Setting

Council of Students (COS)

COS is an open-membership organization headed by a chair or co-chairs, who have volunteered to represent the concerns of Bank Street’s diverse graduate student body. Our primary mission is to make life better at Bank Street—for graduate students, and everyone else in our community!