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Integrative Masters Project (IMP)

A $750 fee is charged each time you register for an IMP. While Integrative Masters Projects are zero (0) credits, students are granted a 6 credit equivalency (or more than half-time status) for the term(s) in which the study is taking place.

The 6 credit equivalency allows your status, for financial aid purposes, to remain as at least half time. Therefore, even though you may be registered for less than half time credits you will still be considered a half time student with the IMP.  Half time credits in each the Fall and Spring is 5 credits; in each Summer 1 and Summer 2 it is 2 credits.  With the credit equivalency, you will remain in an in-school status (the 6 month grace period will not begin on repaying the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program) and you will be eligible for federal loans and federal loans only for the term(s) in which the study is taking place.

As a general rule, if you want financial aid to cover the IMP fee of $750, please notify the Office of Financial Aid once you have actually registered for the IMP.

Please Note: If your choice of IMP is Independent Study (IS) and you continue it beyond the term you first commenced/registered for it, it is recommended that you complete the Independent Study Continuation Form (also can be obtained from the Registrar’s Office), each term you continue the IS. By completing the Independent Study Continuation Form, you are able to continue the in-school status for postponing the 6 month grace period prior to repaying the William D. Ford Direct Loan Program and also extending eligibility for federal loans.