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All applications for financial aid are reviewed for eligibility for the funds listed under Restricted and Endowed Scholarships, and separate applications are not required for these awards. The exceptions to this policy are the Bank Street Incentive Scholarship, the Wallace Foundation Scholarship, the Neuberger Scholarship, the Spiegler Scholarship, the Cathy Bose Math Leadership Scholarship, and The William Randolph Hearst Diversity Scholarship Program which all require a separate application (available on the Bank Street Scholarship Page).

In general, applications for financial aid are reviewed for eligibility using the general criteria of:

  • Enrollment as a matriculated student in an eligible program;
  • At least half-time enrollment; and
  • Demonstration of need as indicated through the FAFSA processing.

From time to time the college may promulgate program opportunities that charge special tuition rates. Students who are selected for and admitted to these special tuition programs are not eligible for institutional scholarships.