External Scholarships

Scholarship and Grant Searches (external resources)

Source: Alpha Kappa Alpha Educational Advancement Foundation
Website: http://www.akaeaf.org/graduate_scholarships.htm
Description: Merit and Need Based scholarships for Graduate students.

Source: American Indian Graduate Center
Website: http://www.aigcs.org/scholarships/
Description: Lists organizations that award scholarships

Source: Alger Association Scholarships
Website: https://www.horatioalger.org
Description: Awards $5 million annually.

Source: American Association of University Women
Website: http://www.aauw.org/what-we-do/educational-funding-and-awards/
Description: Career Development Grants and the Eleanor Roosevelt Teacher Fellowships. Academic grants for women in post-graduate course work.

Source: Best Colleges
Website: http://www.bestcolleges.com/financial-aid/minority-students
Description: Links to scholarship opportunities for minority students.

Source: College Connection Scholarship
Website: http://www.collegescholarships.com
Description: Links to scholarships, insurance, loans, & employment.

Source: Congressional Hispanic Scholarships
Website: http://www.chci.org/scholarships/
Description: Provides scholarship programs and tips on scholarship search.

Source: Fast Web Scholarship Search
Website: https://www.fastweb.com
Description: General scholarship search.

Source: The Fulbright Program
Website: http://eca.state.gov/fulbright/fulbright-programs/program-summaries/student-program
Description: List of fellowships for graduate students.

Source: Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Website: https://www.hsf.net
Description: Provides scholarship programs and tips on scholarship searches.

Source: Nerd Scholar
Website: https://www.nerdwallet.com/nerdscholar/scholarships/
Description: Lists of scholarships

Source: New Millennium Scholars Program
Website: https://www.gmsp.org/
Description: Sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates in collaboration with the United Negro College Fund, the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, and the American Indian College Fund.

Source: The Roothbert Fund Scholarships
Website: http://www.roothbertfund.org/scholarships.php
Description: Grants for undergraduate or graduate study at accredited colleges or universities.

Source: Sallie Mae
Website: https://www.collegeanswer.com/index.jsp
Description: Free scholarship search service. The student must complete a form and provide an e-mail address to receive scholarship information and listings.

Source: Scholarship Experts
Website: https://www.scholarshipexperts.com
Description: General scholarship search.

Source: Scholarships
Website: https://www.scholarships.com
Description: General scholarship search.

Source: SuperCollege: Grad School
Website: http://www.supercollege.com/gradschool/gradschool.cfm
Description: General scholarship search for graduate students.