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Fulfilling Missing Liberal Arts and Sciences Prerequisites

You might have received information about missing liberal art and science courses that the college requires of those pursuing a first certification program. If you have questions about which courses count for these requirements or want to know about other methods of receiving credit for these prerequisites, you've come to the right place! 

The Office of Graduate Admissions lets you know if you have missing prerequisites in your acceptance packet. Once you begin classes at Bank Street, these requirements are tracked by the Registrar's Office. 

Courses that will fulfill your prerequisites may be taken at an accredited community, four-year, or online college. Courses must be taken for at least 3 undergraduate or graduate credits, with a few exceptions (which you'll find below). Missing requirements may also be completed by passing a CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exam with a score of 50 or more. Click here to find out more about CLEP exams; the website also allows you to take practice tests and purchase study guides. If you're asked for a code to send your AP, SAT, or CLEP scores to, ours is 8028.

There are some prerequisites that you can fulfill through Bank Street courses. Please note: Financial Aid at Bank Street will cover only the number of credits in your degree program. If you have elective credit in your graduate program, you may use these credits as elective credit, but if you take credits beyond the number of total credits in your degree program, you will not be able to use financial aid to cover those extra credits.

Which Liberal Arts and Sciences requirements are you missing?

Foreign Language
To fulfill a missing prerequisite in foreign language, you can take one term of college-level foreign language or American Sign Language, or 3 one-credit courses in American Sign Language offered during Summer 2 at Bank Street College (LANG 760-762). 

Artistic Expression
To fulfill a missing prerequisite in artistic expression, you may use a studio course in art, music, or theater, or a course in the history or theory of art, music, dance, or theater. You may fulfill this prerequisite with ARTS 500N Experiments in Art: the Artistic Process offered through our Continuing Professional Studies office. Call 212-875-4649 for more information and find out about when this course is offered.

One way to fulfill your math prerequisite is through a Bank Street course called Topics in Mathematics (MATH 495) in which you need to earn a grade of B of better. Alternatively, you may complete a college-level math course at any accredited college with a grade of C or better. You may also meet this requirement by demonstrating that you earned at least 620 on your SAT or at least 150 on your GRE exam, a 28 on the math section of your ACT, or by earning a score of 50 or better on the CLEP exam. Pedagogical courses (i.e. Math for Teachers and those of a similar nature) will not count toward the requirement. It is recommended that you contact the Registrar's Office at with a list of math courses you are hoping to take. He will be able to look at the course content and let you know if the class counts. 

Here's a tip: You can use a course in logic (within the philosophy department) to fulfill the prerequisite, too!

Physical Education, Health, or Nutrition
New York State requires those seeking certification in teacher education to have a college level course in physical education, health or nutrition. You may meet this requirement by taking EDUC 591 Music and Movement (offered each term) or TEED 561N Creative Movement in the Early Childhood Curriculum (offered through Continuing Professional Studies) as part of your graduate program at Bank Street, or by completing a college-level physical education, health, or nutrition class.

Here's a tip: Are you a member of a fitness studio or gym? Have you taken fitness classes at that site? You can use this experience to fulfill your requirement by getting a letter from your site's instructor and documenting your participation in at least 15 consecutive classes of the same discipline. Please contact the Office of Graduate Admissions for more information.

You may fulfill this requirement by taking SCIE 510 Explorations of Nature in the summer through Bank Street (in which you would need to earn a grade of B or better); by completing one of the following science courses offered at the American Museum of Natural History: SCIE 500, 501, 502, 503; or by completing a 3-credit process-oriented science class at any accredited two or four year college with a grade of C or better.

Note: In order to receive Bank Street elective credits for the AMNH courses, you must enroll through our Registrar's Office: 212-875-4406 or Not all science courses are count, though! It is recommended that you contact the Registrar's Office at with a list of science courses you are hoping to take. He will be able to look at the course content and let you know if the class counts. 

One college level course in literature, art history, philosophy, or psychology.

Social Science
One college level course in history, sociology, economics, political science, western civilization, geography, psychology, or anthropology.

Written Analysis
One course in literature or philosophy requiring analytical writing.

Depth Requirements
Your letter might indicate courses that you need to fulfill as "depth" requirements. This set of "depth" prerequisites indicates a concentration of courses (of at least 30 credits or 10 courses) within a specific liberal art or science field. If you were shy of these 30 credits, we would ask you to round out the rest of the "depth" requirements through the course or courses we listed on your letter.