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Spring 2017 Add/Drop & Late Registration

Spring 2017 [January 17 to May 1]

Late Registration and Add/Drop activities will be held in the Registrar’s Office. During this period, a $25 Late Registration fee or a $15 Add/Drop fee will be charged.

Late Registration and Add/Drop Period

Population Day Date Time
Any student on
a Walk-In Basis           
Tuesday 1/17/17      1 - 6pm
  Wednesday 1/18/17 1 - 6pm
  Thursday 1/19/17 3 - 5pm
  Friday 1/20/17 3 - 5pm
  Monday 1/23/17 3 - 5pm
  Tuesday 1/24/17 3 - 5pm
  Wednesday 1/25/17 3 - 5pm
  Thursday 1/26/17 3 - 5pm
  Friday 1/30/17 3 - 5pm

Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE.

Refunds are made according to the following schedule:

100% tution refund for ALL courses, IMPs, or Fieldwork DROPPED by last day of the Add/Drop period.

After the Add/Drop period ends, the following refunds will apply to WITHDRAWALS:

2, 3, 4, and 6 credit classes:

  • Prior to the 3rd class meeting: 50% of tuition
  • Prior to the 4th class meeting: 25% of tuition
  • After the 4th class meeting: NO REFUND

Online & Hybrid Classes:

  • 1st week AFTER drop/add period: 50% of tuition
  • 2nd week AFTER drop/add period: 25% of tuition
  • 3rd week AFTER drop/add period: NO REFUND

1 credit courses starting AFTER the Add/Drop Period:

  • Drop prior to the 2nd class meeting: 100% of tuition
  • After the second class meeting: NO REFUND

Integrative Master's Projects (IMP1 or IMP2) with specific dates that start AFTER the Add/Drop period

  • Drop prior to the 2nd meeting: 100% of tuition
  • After the second class meeting: NO REFUND
  • Please note: Students cannot withdraw from any IMP. 
IMPs that begin PRIOR to the last day of Add/Drop
  • Please note: Students cannot withdraw from any IMP. 
  • Once the Add/Drop period has ended, if a student is unable to complete an IMP, their mentor will assign them a G.P.A. neutral grade at the end of the term. The student will need to register and pay again for an IMP in a future term.

After a student has registered for a class, s/he has committed to a place in the class(s) indicated on the student’s confirmation. Students are accountable for the completion of this work and for the cost of the course unless a request to drop the course(s) is submitted to the Registrar’s Office in writing, using the appropriate form and by the appropriate deadline. Please note that registration fees are not refundable.

Students who have registered for a course, and then never attend it or stop attending it without either formally dropping it, will receive a grade of No Pass (NP) and will remain responsible for the full cost of the course.