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Summer 2 Add/Drop & Late Registration Schedule & Refund Dates

Summer 2 2016 [June 29 thru August 3]

Late Registration and Add/Drop activities will be held in the Registrar’s Office. During this period, a $25 Late Registration fee or a $15 Add/Drop fee will be charged.

Late Registration and Add/Drop Period

Population                                     Day                                  Date                     Time                      
Any student on
a Walk-In Basis
Wednesday 6/29/16 1 - 6pm
  Thursday 6/30/16 1 - 6pm
  Friday 7/1/16 3 - 5pm
  Monday 7/4/16 CLOSED
  Tuesday 7/5/16 3 - 5pm
  Wednesday 7/6/16 3 - 5pm

Summer term refunds are made according to the following schedule:

Courses dropped by the last day of the Drop/Add Period:

  • 100% tuition refund
  • Fees are non-refundable

After the Add/Drop period ends, the following refunds will apply to WITHDRAWALS:

2 and 3 credit classes (ie. M/W or T/Th):

  • Prior to the 3rd class meeting 25% of tuition
  • After the 3rd class meeting NO REFUND

2 and 3 credit classes that meet 4 times per week (ie. Monday-Thursday):

  • Prior to the 4th class meeting 50% of tuition
  • Prior to the 5th class meeting 25% of tuition
  • After the 5th class meeting NO REFUND

Online Classes:

  • After the last day of the Add/Drop Period NO REFUND

Any 1 credit courses starting AFTER the Add/Drop period:

  • Drop prior to the 2nd class meeting 100% of tuition
  • After the 2nd class meeting NO REFUND

Please note that registration fees are not refundable.