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Graduation & Commencement

GraduationCommencement 2018 will be held on May 10, 2018. To graduate from Bank Street College, you must officially apply for graduation by first logging in to your email account, then clicking on the Graduation Application (Google Form) and completing the electronic Graduation Application.


Who Can Advise Me About My Program So I Can Graduate?

Your Academic Advisor should be your primary contact for tracking your program completion. Discuss all program requirements--including the appropriate number of credits and specific courses required for your program--with your Academic Advisor.

We strongly recommend meeting with your Academic Advisor every semester, so you can avoid being notified in your final semester degree audit about missing requirements.

In addition, we encourage all students to review and track their program requirements. Please refer to the course catalog for your program requirements.


How Do I Graduate?

Once you have successfully completed all but your last semester of work, you must first log in to you email account, then click on this link for the Graduation Application (Google Form). Please fill out the electronic form and submit it by the set deadlines.

You also must be enrolled in the semester you are applying to graduate, and that semester must be a current, or a future semester. Degrees will not be retroactively applied once a semester is completed.


What Happens After The Graduation Application Is Submitted?

The Registrar’s Office will audit your file to see if you are eligible for graduation.


I Have Applied to Graduate. How Do I Know If I Have Met My Degree Requirements?

Students who have applied to graduate for the current term will be sent degree audit letters to their Bank Street email accounts, outlining missing or in-progress degree requirements. If you have any questions regarding your graduation status, please refer to your degree audit letter.


What Is Checked During The Degree Audit?

  1. Completion of liberal arts and science pre-requisites as determined by the Admissions Office at the time of acceptance. For questions about your liberal arts and sciences requirements, contact David Bryant in the Registrar's Office.
  2. Official transcripts with degree conferred from your undergraduate and/or graduate school.
  3. *Completion of the Child Abuse Identification, School Violence Prevention (SAVE), and Dignity for All Students (DASA) Workshops. If you completed these workshops elsewhere, be sure to forward copies of the completion forms to the Registrar's Office. If you completed them at Bank Street, they will appear on your official transcripts.
  4. Coursework requirements for your program.
  5. Your Integrative Master's Project (if applicable). You must officially commence an Integrative Master's Project by the appropriate deadlines.
  6. A Graduation Application on file.
  7. Waivers or course transfers when necessary.

    *This step is only checked if you are in a certification program.

We suggest reviewing your academic record with your advisor prior to applying for graduation, to track your degree progress and to ensure that the degree audit matches your expectations.


What Happens if I'm Missing Something?

An audit letter will be sent to you and a copy will be sent to your advisor detailing the results of the review. You will not officially graduate until all outstanding issues are cleared up and your Integrative Master's Project is accepted.

Which Integrative Master's Project (IMP) Should I Take?

Please visit the Integrative Master's Project page for more information. Also consult with your advisor on which is the best IMP option for you.


Do I Have to Be a Registered Student to Graduate?

Yes. A degree can only be conferred for currently enrolled students. If students are not registred for classes, the Integrative Master's Project, or supervised fieldwork in the semester they intend to graduate, they must register for matriculation maintenance by the end of the semester add/drop period. This situation might occur, for example, if students are completing coursework for a prior class in which they received a grade of Incomplete. Registration for matriculation maintenance, MMNT500, can be conducted on my.bankstreet during web registration or via paper registration form available at the Registrar's Office. A $50 fee applies.


Dual Degree Students With Hunter College Or Columbia University:

Students in dual degree programs must complete all requirements for Bank Street College and either Columbia University or Hunter College in order to graduate. Be sure to apply for graduation at both institutions.


Is There Anything I Need To Do With Financial Aid?

If you have received financial aid for some or all of your degree, please visit the Graduating Students Information page on the Financial Aid website.

When Is Commencement?

Commencement 2018 will occur on May 10, 2018.

For more information, please review the Commencement details for May 2018 graduation. 

Who Can Attend Commencement?

Students who complete their degree requirements between June 2017 and May 2018 will be invited to the May 2018 Commencement Ceremony. Only those completing all requirements before the ceremony will be permitted to participate in Commencement. There are no exceptions!

When Will I Be Invited To The Commencement Ceremony?

Invitations to Commencement are emailed to College-issued student email accounts during the spring semester to those students who have officially completed their requirements or who will be anticipating to finish before the Commencement Ceremony in May.

For more information, please review the Commencement details for May 2018 graduation. 

Do I Need To Reply To the Commencement Invitation?

Yes, even if you do not plan to attend or if you anticipate that you will not complete your requirements in time. Please respond no later than April 20, 2018 to let us know whether or not you will be attending.

For more information, please review the Commencement details for May 2018 graduation.   

Are Cap & Gown Required?

No, they are not required, but should you wish to order one, please see our Commencement details page for ordering information.

Will I Be Notified When My Cap & Gown are Ready?

As of Spring 2014, Cap and Gown orders will be fulfilled through our third-party supplier. Please see our Commencement details page for more information.

How Many Tickets Can I Request?

Graduates are allocated six (6) tickets each, but we ask that you only request the number of tickets you will actually use. Multiple requests and multiple RSVPs will be deleted.

How Do I Get My Tickets?

If you have responded to the electronic RSVP invitation to graduation, information regarding ticket pick-up has been sent to your College email account.

How Do I find Out About Commencement Details?

Please view our Commencement Details page for more information regarding the May 2018 ceremony. Information regarding the ceremony for next year will be available in the Spring semester.

What Happens Once I am Officially Graduated?

A packet of materials is sent including information and instructions about applying for New York State Certification.

What Do I Do With The New York State Certification Paperwork?

  • Use the step-by-step instructions for completing the state's new online certification application via the TEACH system, as well as the personalized information sheet indicating the information you will need to enter into the TEACH system to apply for the appropriate certificate(s).
  • Enter the information from the form exactly as it appears on your information sheet. Your program code is listed in Step 1 of the Student Application Information form. It is the five digit code preceding the NYSED name of the program you completed at Bank Street.
  • Failure to select the appropriate program in the system will cause the TEACH system to determine that you are ineligible for the certificate(s) for which you are applying. 

Do I Need To Have My Fingerprints and State Mandated Workshops?

All requirements for certification including exams and fingerprinting must be completed! Certificates are not issued until all requirements are met. Please visit our  Certification page for more information.

Need More Certification Information?

Please visit our requirements are met. Please visit our Certification page for more in-depth information.

When will I Receive My Diploma?

Diplomas are mailed to students approximately three months from the date of gradation. Diplomas are not distributed at Commencement.  

Where Will The Diploma Be Mailed?  

Diplomas are mailed to the address you indicated when you filled out your electronic Graduation Application (Google Form).  After you submit your application, if you need to change the address where your diploma will be sent, please email the Registrar's Office and notify us where you would prefer your diploma be sent.

Questions regarding diplomas should be sent to Bettina Tillman at

Diplomas Not Sent To Students With Holds

Financial obligations to the College must be settled with the Business Office and books borrowed from the Library must be returned.

Students who have received financial aid must complete an Exit Interview.

A hold will be placed on your record should you fail to complete these requirements and your diploma and/or transcripts will not be released until all obligations are met.